Weird and Almost Good

         The type of movie that I generally like to watch is a suspenseful/action-packed movie. I like other movies, but these are the movies that I enjoy the most. At first I thought that the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers, directed in 1956 by Don Siegel, was going to be the type of movie that I like to watch, but towards the middle and end of the movie I changed my mind. Towards the end of the movie, it started to get a little sketchy and somewhat weird, and I quickly realized that I did not really like the movie.

         The one thing I did like about this movie is that it was very suspenseful and was always making me want to guess what was going to happen next. Some movies get a little boring at the end because they just tell a story and the story might not be that exciting, but scary/ suspenseful/ action movies always keep me entertained. I felt as if I were in the movie at times because I seemed to be right beside the actors and actresses trying to figure out what was going on and who was going to be snatched up next.

         One thing I did not like about this movie is how weird it got at the end. I thought it was a good movie until the people started coming out of those pods. I really did not understand that, and I kind of thought it was stupid. It just did not seem to fit in with the movie, and it almost felt as though the film makers had run out of ideas and had just thrown the pods in there. Maybe I am wrong, but that is just how it felt to me.

         Overall, I thought the movie was ok, but the ending could use some work. It just did not feel that it was thought out very well, and it left me very disappointed.

Ashley Yates

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