Wanna Join the He-Man Woman Hater Club?

         If you were interested in joining this organization, you would probably find yourself surrounded by characters similar to Professor Higgins in the film My Fair Lady, directed by George Cukor in 1964 and based on George Bernard Shaw's 1913 play, Pygmalion. The concept of the He-Man Woman Hater Club was first introduced in the television series Our Gang in the 1930's. The He-Man Woman Hater Club was founded by the little rascals in celebration of their dislike of and rebellion against girls. Professor Higgins' attitude towards women in the movie My Fair Lady was very much like the attitudes the little rascals had towards girls. In my opinion Higgins would be a perfect applicant for membership in joining this club.

         Throughout the movie, Professor Higgins, played by Rex Harrison, reveals his dislike towards women. This is given away in his relationship with character Eliza Doolittle, depicted by Audrey Hepburn. Professor Higgins' character is very entertaining, and the continual controversy between him and Eliza is very comical. In one scene Professor Higgins sings a song entitled "I'm an Ordinary Man," which confirms that he is a quiet single man who without a doubt will never need a woman. During this movie the songs rendered by the characters play a major role in presenting the overall characteristics of the characters. In another scene, Eliza travels alone to Covent Garden; and, while singing "Wouldn't It be Loverly," she realizes that being a lady is not what she truly wants; and to herself she dreams of a world of acceptance and love.

         Professor Higgins character is always treating Eliza in a demeaning manner, trying to prove to him and her that he is only interested in accomplishing his task of teaching her to speak beautifully. It was interesting to see the characters of Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle change towards the end of the film. The storyline and love and hate relationship between Eliza and Higgins made this movie wonderful. My favorite part of this movie was the ending. Even though Higgins portrayed such a rude and mean man, he eventually comes to his senses and welcomes Eliza back into his life. At last, he had joined the other side and become a he-man woman lover.

Whitney Bradley

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