High Noon:
An Unusual Western

         High Noon, directed by Fred Zinnemann in 1955, tells a story of an ex sheriff named Marshal Will Kane, played by Gary Cooper. The movie basically starts off with a wedding between Kane and his wife, Amy Fowler Kane (Grace Kelly). After the wedding reception, news comes in that a man, Frank Miller (Ian MacDonald ) Kane had put in jail for murder is coming back to town on the high noon train to get his revenge.

         It is about this time that the Western movie becomes unusual. First off, his wife, who is a Quaker, who does not believe in violence, does not stand behind her man and leaves him on their wedding day. Furthermore, the town will not back him up. Some of the people are glad that this man is coming back, while others just do not want to get involved. This is highly unique because people are usually always willing to help out the Marshal to help defeat the "bad guys." This town is completely opposite, which really stands out in my mind.

         Another interesting twist in the movie is the situation with Deputy Marshal Harvey Pell, played by Lloyd Bridges. He is a very selfish man in the end. He actually gives the Marshal an ultimatum about having him replace Kane as Marshall or he will not help Kane out. This is unusual because the Deputy is the westerns that I have watched, have all wanted to help the Marshal out and just seemed happy to be there.

         The battle scene was also a distinctive event in the movie. To begin with, Kane, by himself, meets up with the bad men. Then towards the end, Amy Kane rejects her religious nonviolent convictions and comes to the rescue and helps protect her man. That is almost an exceptional event because she was a female and females are not unusually a hero in Westerns but rather the ones being rescued.

         This movie definitely had the basics to be a Western, but it had some unique aspects to that I listed above. The movie just kept on doing things that I was not used to seeing in Western movies. I think that this way was great for the movie because it was so distinctive that it makes the movie more noticeable to the public.

Michelle Maden

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