Wuthering Heights 2000

     After viewing William Wyler's 1939 take on Emily Brontë's 1847 Wuthering Heights, I found my mind immediately envisioning this classic film into today's time. Like any director, I spent day and night thinking of the perfect location, how true I should remain to the text, costumes, sets; the list goes on. When I had finished planning all of the minute details, I realized that I had left out the most important part--the Actors! Who could I find in the film industry today to complete my vision? Here is the list of actors, in my opinion, worthy enough to bring such passion to the screen.

     Replacing Laurence Olivier in the role of Heathcliff, I chose one of my favorite actors (not only on acting ability, but the fact that he is a hunk!) Brendan Frasier. Playing such versatile roles as George in George of the Jungle and Monty in With Honors, I feel that Brendan has what it takes to pull off such a challenging role as Heathcliff.

     In the all-important role of Catherine, I decided Kate Winslet could easily provide the drama and "diva-ness" required to pull off such a role. While Merle Oberon gave us a Catherine to remember, Kate's role in Sense and Sensibility shows her range in acting and the stunning presence she gives to the screen.

     While I have taken care of the most important characters, it is still essential that all of the characters mentioned in the book make an appearance one way or the other. The remaining cast goes as follows (actor and recent work):

      Hindley--Edward Norton, Fight Club
      Edgar--Christian Bale, A Midsummer s Night Dream
      Isabella--Samantha Mathis, Little Women
      Joseph--Geoffry Rush, Shine
      Nelly--Lupe Ontiveros, Selena
      Mr. Earnshaw--Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth
      Frances--Calista Flockhart, Ally McBeal
      Hareton--Leonardo Dicaprio, Titanic
      Linton--Edward Furlong, Detroit Rock City
      Cathy--Claire Danes, Broken Down Palace

      While such a casting would bring to life my vision of Wuthering Heights 2000, I do not think I would have the budget to make the movie, as well as pay such well-known and award-winning actors.

Ginny L. Snow

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