The Flower Girl

     The film My Fair Lady, directed in 1964 by George Cukor and based on George Bernard Shaw's 1913 Pygmalion, could have definitely been shortened. There are so many extra scenes and songs that are not relevant to the main story line. This movie bored me, and the only thing that saved it was the costume design.

     I would have changed the channel if the costumes, designed by Art Director Cecil Beaton, had not kept my interest, regards to the costume designer. I mean Audrey Hepburn was enough to keep my attention because I believe that she is just captivating, but the attire was what I really enjoyed. It was absolutely amazing.

     Cukor opened this movie with guests leaving the Royal Opera at Covent Garden. The first visual picture is of women dressed in glamorous gowns that were all of the bright colors of the rainbow. These dresses were very eye-catching and downright mesmerizing. Cukor made a wise decision having this scene to open the movie. Watching these people dressed in awe-inspiring gorgeous gowns, looking regal, was captivating.

     The first fancy dress that Eliza wears I enjoyed very much. It was a black and white ensemble that she wore to the Ascot horse races. The large hat and parasol, complementing the form-fitting dress were bold statements that screamed: "Look" at me!" The outfit was very stylish and classic. The whole cast's attire in this scene was strikingly unique, all of the different designs and patterns in black and white. This section of the musical was almost hypnotizing.

     The final aspect of this movie that I enjoyed was Audrey Hepburn's outfit in the last act of the filmed play. She was dressed in a light pink flowing dress that is the color of a pale pink rose. This dress also had a high collar with a ruffle around her neck. The pale pink ruffle looked like petals accenting her face. I believe that this dress was a perfect choice because of the continual reference to Eliza as being a flower girl because she had once sold flowers in the street. I thought that this was appropriate at the end of the movie because she really did look like a flower.

     In my opinion the costumes saved this three-hour long musical of mediocre songs. The costume choices were unique and eye-catching. The audience's attention was caught at different times in the movie by bold and beautiful outfits. In addition, the costumes were also appropriate in capturing the characters' traits and the audience's attention and admiration.

Krista Germann

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