The Ties That Bind: History of Film and Literature

        The history of film and literature is one that is fruitful, vibrant, and permeates all films created in the modern day. The first feature films in the golden age of the industry were based on these wonderful and classic stories that have stood the test of time. Without the backbone composed of literature, the being that is cinema would not exist today.

        As one should know, the cinema has only been around for about a century. Though there were many original ideas that were put to film in the early years of film, the most profound films were those based upon rich novels and stories. Most of these stories had years of readership or stage time and were extremely popular in the world already. Turning these stories from flat text on a page into a moving picture that talked created a sense of the story unfolding in front of one's eyes. Ultimately it was the plot of these stories that jettisoned the film industry to the lofty blockbuster hits that exist today.

        Yet, one can look at the recent history of film and ask: “What's happening to modern film?” It seems that things exploding and jump cuts create “great films.” Hollywood has really lost its foundation, and its focus is blurry. Films have become more about turning profit than sparking the imagination and awe of the audience. It is beautiful works of literature that create the impact and feeling that the movie buff wants to experience.

        The stories contain within literature composite all aspects of human emotion and desires. Though much has changed throughout the history of film, emotion and desires have not really had much change. Literature, like films, can be a means of escape or a means of channeling emotion. It is difficult to imagine modern life without a new film debuting every week, but without the classics of literature, these new films could have never even been made.

Joseph Chad Bowlin