The Role

         The role I would most want is that of Claire Bloom, who played the controversial housewife Nora from the 1973 film of Henrik Ibsen's 1879 A Doll's House, by director Patrick Garland. Although her performance was great and she handled the role magnificently, I feel the character she played was one of the most disturbing out of all the characters we viewed this semester. I would do many similar things that Bloom does to simulate the emotional state of Nora, but I would handle the Nora's intelligence a little differently from the way that she did.

         First, I felt Bloom did a great job in developing the disheartened emotional state Nora was in the movie. For example, I was impressed by the way Bloom plays Nora during Act Three when Nora is trying to distract Torvald (Anthony Hopkins) by telling him he must teach her the tarantella again because she has forgotten it. That emotional state also evident when she is playing into Torvald by acting like his little songbird or squirrel so she can receive more money to try to pay off Krogstad (Denholm Elliot). I felt Bloom did an excellent job defining Nora's different emotional states throughout the film and expanding on them.

         On the other hand, I felt Bloom did not reflect the true intelligence of Nora. Bloom made Nora look a lot less intelligent than she actually was. I see Nora as a very intelligent woman, a lot more so than she likes people to know especially Torvald. For example, Nora had the presence of mind to get a loan from Krogstad to ultimately save her husband's life, and at this point in time it would have been almost impossible for a female to get a loan. Bloom made Nora look too dumb or too subordinate to Torvald. Nora was very smart; she just choose to conceal it.

         In conclusion, despite my reservations voiced in the previous paragraph, I felt Claire Bloom's overall performance of Nora was great. She handled the role almost perfectly with few mistakes. Bloom seemed to dominate the role with effective ease, I was very impressed and would love to see her again in another film.

Josh Siljander

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