The Legend of Dracula

        The legend of Dracula has gone done in history since the rumors of vampires began in the eighteenth century. The first individual that sparked the terror in the heart of people was Vlad the Impaler. Vlad was seen as an evil man by all those that knew him. He gained this reputation because he was known for his cruel methods of torture. His most famous form of torture was to his victims from their feet to their head. Vlad has allowed individuals to look into the life of a mad man who enjoyed inflicting pain on others. They were talking about him for decades and continue to this day.

        While, he was most infamous for his impaling methods his other forms of torture were to skin the victims and boil their skin. His other methods were decapitation, hanged, blinded, and nailed. He also liked to cut off their limbs to cause his victims more pain and anguish. He gained his reputation as a vampire because as his victims would bleed as they were impaled he would drink their blood. He enjoyed impaling his victims because it would take longer for his victims to die. It was considered to be the worst form of torture because of the methods used and the pain it caused. It had a dramatic effect on even Vlad's soldiers who feared him and his wrath.

        Vampires are mythical creatures who are considered to be dead but living to feed off the blood of the living. The reason that vampires need blood to survive varies from one culture to the next. There most obvious characteristic is that they have fangs that they use to puncture the skin in order to consume the blood of their victims. This characteristic of vampires has been the most notorious feature of the vampires. The other characteristics that vampires posses is that they are afraid of sunlight and can shape shift and sleep in coffins to avoid the sunlight.

        The reason that vampires have become so popular is the myths that follow them. The fear of vampires plagued many different cultures and still does to this day. Vampires are so notorious and feared that individuals "pretend" to be vampires themselves. They live their lives almost exactly the same way as it is portrayed in books and in history. The belief in vampires has gone above and beyond for many generations and continues to grow in popularity among new generations. The curiosity over vampires does not seem to be dwindling and continues to gain momentum.

        When most people think about vampires the book Dracula by Bram Stoker comes to mind. Dracula was the first book that allowed its readers to see into the world of a vampire. It enchanted its readers, which has made the book very popular even to this day. The book also incorporated into it something different that had never been done before in a book. Each character of the book told his or her story as journal entries. This method of writing led the readers to believe that the events in the journal had really taken place. It made the book more intense and horrifying because of the depth that the journals went into.

        Bram Stoker obviously wanted his readers to believe that what they were reading had really happened. This becomes apparent because events that take place in the book such as a train departing on a certain day and time really happened in London. The most infamous event that caught most reader's attention occurred when an animal escaped from the London zoo in the book because the readers could relate to it in real life. This was another method of writing that no other author had ever attempted to do. Because of the methods that Bram Stoker used throughout his book he is one of the most studied authors since its release to the public. It has become one of the most famous vampire stories ever written.

        At first the book was considered to be a literary bust; however, over time its popularity; and now it has become what it is known today as a respected piece of literature. It is considered to be a gothic novel with a twist because it takes the reader from Transylvania then to London. This method of writing was also something Stoker did differently from traditional authors. This method separated him from traditional, but it is what made the book popular and a must read.

        There are other ways that Vampires entered our lives and that is through movies. The 1922 movie Nosferatu, directed by F. W. Murnau, also struck fear into the minds of its audience, and it brought to life the horror that was portrayed in the books to the big screen. Since the release of the movie, it spawned a whole generation obsessed with the concept of vampires and led to the creation of more and more movies. The movies have allowed audiences to leave the comfort of their own home and experience the horror in the seats of a theatre. It is a different experience watching things on film then it is reading them from a book and with the creation of movies we are allowed to experience it.

        In conclusion, the vampire world has enchanted the lives of many readers and moviegoers for decades. Its popularity only grows with time because of the involvement of storytellers and movie producers. They keep our imaginations running wild with curiosity about vampires. The myths and legends about vampires began the obsession with the lives of vampires and the search for the truth of whether or not they really exist. History shows us evidence of our existence however our present only shows legends and piles of films and books based of those legends. Whether vampires do truly exist I do not know; however, what I do know is that the vampire phenomenon has taken the world by storm and shows no signs of decreasing.

Maria Ratliff

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