Brando, Stanley, and Me

         The seedy streets of New Orleans set the stage for the film adaptation of Tennessee Williams' 1947 A Streetcar Named Desire. In this film, I would love to play the role of Stanley Kowalski. The legendary Marlon Brando plays Stanley in Elia Kazan's 1951 film adaptation, but I believe I could emulate his performance and make it even better.

         There are many aspects of Marlon Brando's performance I would emulate, such as his trademark swagger. Brando portrays Stanley as a man who is not to be messed around with. Brando does this with ease. The way Brando walks and talks in this film captures the character of Stanley perfectly.

         I would also emulate the way Brando acts when Stanley is going through the trunk of his sister-in-law, Blanche (Vivien Leigh). I find that scene to be intensely funny, and Brando just seems so natural and fluid while playing Stanley, especially in this scene.

         Brando also seems very natural in the scenes in which he plays cards or carries on after the bowling alley. Brando's anger seems very real and very intense during these scenes, and I would definitely try to emulate his intensity.

         The last part of Brando's performance that I would emulate would be the way he bellows "Stella." I would love to sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of New Orleans as Stanley Kowalski.

         There are a few aspects of his performance I would change, however. I would like to see Brando show a side of Stanley that does not want to be angry. I would like to see Brando make Stanley seem to be more of a victim of his own anger instead of the perpetrator. I would have also liked Brando to have shown a little more contrast between Stanley in a good mood and Stanley in a bad mood. I think that this would have made the character a little scarier and edgier.

         Marlon Brando does an excellent job as Stanley Kowalski in Streetcar, but I do believe that I could put on a performance that would rival his. I would love to be given the chance to show the world the barbarian that is Stanley Kowalski.

Chris Lush

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