Stanley Stallone

     Remakes of old films occur frequently. For instance, the 1954 movie Sabrina was just remade recently. Of course movie-making has not been around very long, and therefore many people would still remember the first movie. There are film adaptations also done frequently for the likes of books and plays of various times. It is much more common for a successful movie to be followed by a sequel short after. But if the 1951 A Streetcar Named Desire, by director Elia Kazan (based on Tennessee Williams' 1947 play), were to be remade, there would have to be new actors to fill the roles. With this scenario, speculation about Stanley's leading male role is interesting.

     Sylvester Stallone is speculated on here for a few reasons. He has demonstrated his flair for acting as an imbecile in the Rocky movies and also for his muscular build. Stallone also brings a big name to a big movie. Director Quentin Tarantino decides it is time to redefine Stallone's career as he did John Travolta's in Pulp Fiction. It is Stallone's ability in the Rambo movies to portray a highly intelligent person with bulk that interested Tarantino. The Rambo movies are also some of Tarantino's favorites, which he often watched when working at a movie rental store.

     Stallone does not resemble Brando in the respect of age he brings to the part. Premier Magazine has reported that Stallone would check in for a little plastic surgery for the part if necessary. Recent sightings of Stallone have also shown him to be looking of a younger age. Maybe this magician-like surgeon has already operated.

     The role of Stanley will be a defining one for the likes of Stallone. He has yet to position himself in film history any further than as an action movie hero. Stanley will require a boisterous, cunning and unpredictable performance. Many people have seen this movie and Brando's success with the character of Stanley. Stallone will be judged against this performance accordingly.

     Stanley is a complex character based on intelligence and emotion. He is a favorable acquaintance respected by many people. Pulling this role off would require much more than special effects and some Stallone-induced grunts. Stanley is a volatile character hanging off the edge. With a quick glance, the viewer should see a dumb-looking Stanley. With further viewing, one should note an intelligent individual driven by personal gains. The remake of A Streetcar Named Desire would require an outstanding performance by the actor to follow Brando in the role of Stanley. This movie revolves around character of Stanley. Good luck, Sly!

Brandon Lucas

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