A Southern Turn of the Screw

         If I were to make a movie version of one of the literary works taught in class, I would turn Henry James's 1898 novella The Turn of the Screw into an amazing movie.

         First, I would hire a blockbuster cast. The governess would be played by a bubbly pop star, such as Lindsey Lohan. The role of Mrs. Grose would be played by an older actress. I have Better Midler in mind. I think Miles would be portrayed by Malcom from TV's Malcom in the Middle. Ashley Olsen would be cast as Flora. Brad Pitt would be Peter Quint's ghost, and Julia Roberts would be Miss Jessel.

         I would keep the story true to the novella, but I would make the ghosts seem part of the governess' hallucinations. I would also change the setting from England to the southern United States. I think this would make an interesting change. Eighteenth century Georgia would be an excellent setting for the film. I would also make sure the costumes would be true to the period.

         I would like to emulate Jack Clayton's black-and-white The Innocents, filmed in 1961. I think this would add to the feel of antiquity and mystery of the movie. I do think, however, that I would have to make my movie less ambiguous than the novel or the original film adaptation.

         I think that with my skills as a director, producer, and writer, I could make an amazing southern-style version of The Turn of the Screw.

Chris Lush

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