What Happened Next?

A Streetcar Named Sorrow

        Tennessee Williams wrote a great play in 1947 called A Streetcar Named Desire, and then Elia Kazan turned it into a motion picture film in 1951. It was a story of hardships, love, abandonment, lust, suspense and action. But after you finish watching this movie, you wonder what the rest of their lives would be like. I was very curious about how their lives had played out, and I came up with his version. I believe if a sequel were to be made it should be called A Streetcar Named Sorrow.

        I think the movie should pick up about fifteen years after the first movie ended. The beginning would open with Blanche (Vivien Leigh) escaping from the mental institution, and trying to return to the sister's old home. The child of Stanley (Marlon Brando) and Stella (Kim Hunter), born in the first movie, would be named Stewart. Stanley still would have his selfish wild ways, but Stewart would not have inherited his father's personality. He has grown up to be an unstable boy, quiet and shy. This time Blanche arrives in New Orleans in a streetcar named Sorrow. Stewart had never met Blanche, but when they first meet they have an instant connection. Up until this point Stella has not be seen or even mentioned.

        In this scene, Blanche and Stewart would discuss Stella's absence. His father had told him that she had run off with a man and abandoned the family, but that was not true. Blanche told him the truth. The truth was that Stella omitted how she and Stanley had gotten into a fight, during which he had ended up pushing Stella into the window, where the glass had shattered and cut her neck so that she had ended up bleeding to death alone on the ground. During this time Blanche also reveals the truth about how his father raped her. Stewart slowly begins to understand how his life has turned out the way it has.

        Then Stewart and Blanche confront Stanley about everything. He sobs uncontrollably with pain and also with relief that his secret has now been revealed. Stanley grabs a knife and threatens to kill himself. They plead with him not to do it. He cannot forgive himself for what he has done. Stanley and Stewart end up in a fight. Blanche tries to help Stewart but only ends up getting in the way, and Stanley stabs her. Stewart takes the knife that has stabbed Blanche and then kills his father. Blanche does not die from her wounds and tries to comfort Stewart after the confrontation. Stewart realizes that his life does not have end the way it had started and makes a decision then to become a better person and stop his life of sorrow.

        The personality of Stewart would dominate this movie, as Stanley's had done in the first movie. The characters of Stanley and Blanche would have to be played by the same actors. But the son would have to be played by an unfamiliar face, and Elia Kazan would have to direct it to give it the same feel as the other movie had.

Lindsey Bennett

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