A Boring Snow Job

         Some movies are really good, and then there are those that are extremely boring. The 1973 film rendition of Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 A Doll’s House, directed by Joseph Losey, fit very well in the boring category. Movies are meant to catch your attention, to pull you in by matter of human interest. I am sure this movie is loved by plenty of people; I am just not one of those people.

         When I feel that a movie is boring, I really think it is boring. This movie just did not do a good job in my eyes. The dialogue was extremely plain and simply bland. I got so lost in conversations throughout the movie, not because they were hard to follow but because they were boring. The camera work in the film was nothing to brag about either. The shots did not go too far out of the “norm,” leaving scenes without dialogue just as unappealing as scenes with dialogue. This is all obviously opinion based, but I just was not fond of it.

         The boring aspect can also be related to the actors. Jane Fonda, extremely beautiful and talented, played Nora Helmer. Unfortunately for Jane, she only caught my eye because of her face. She did not pull me solely off of her acting, as great entertainers should; therefore, the boring level just keeps going up. David Warner, who played Torvald Helmer, was probably the most convincing character; he could not pick up the slack for all the movie’s downfalls, however. The other actors were either overdramatic or just not that great at all.

         I guess if you have not picked it up yet, I do not really like this movie. I watched the entire movie and gave my full attention throughout its duration, but it was still unattractive to me. This movie was not really my bag of chips, and I do not see myself recommending it to anyone. If you are one who wishes to watch it though, then watch it. I was just not very fond of it.

Shaun Brown