Silent War

         Every war is different and every outcome varies throughout history. The Civil War was one of the most influential wars our country has seen. This war in particularly made this country what it is today, and I thought D. W. Griffith’s 1915 The Birth of a Nation did a decent job of showing the impact of this war. This movie showed how our country changed over a war and how brutal the war was for both sides. This movie showed everything from how men treated women back then to how whites treated blacks and vice versus.

         I did not really like this movie that much. Not only did I find this movie boring, but I also thought it was offensive. I thought they could have not been so raw with the language used towards the black people. I know that the world has not always been as it is now, but I strongly believe that every person should be treated equally no matter his or her background, color, or sex. I know there had to be some white people who did not refer to black people as n*****s. I also know that nice stuff like that does not make movies like The Birth of a Nation. I know slavery started long before the Civil War, but I disagree with it one hundred percent.

         Even though I did not like the movie, I did think that for a silent movie, it did a very good job of informing and getting its point across. In my opinion, I think it would be very hard to make an entertaining silent movie about any kind of event in history like this. I just do not think silence does enough justice for a time period that was very loud. I honestly do not think I could ever make a movie with sounds much less a silent movie.

         Overall I thought this movie did a good job at showing the different aspects of the war and the different ways people were influenced during this time. Although it was silent, I still thought it made a little sound during the battle scenes. This movie just shows that there is no war that is silent.

Ashley Yates

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