Closely Watched Trains: A Sexual Journey

        In the movie Closely Watched Trains, directed by Jeri Menzel in 1966, the main character, Milos Hirma (Václav Neckár) was following in his father's footsteps to be a employed at the same train station. The movie takes place during World War II at a railway station in occupied Czechoslovakia. Hirma is longing to rid himself of his virginity and embark on a journey to learn about his sexuality and the sexuality of others.

        I thought that Hirma was a very intelligent boy who was trying to be a man. In his surroundings at the train station he felt pressure to be a sex god since his co-worker, the train dispatcher, Hubicka (Josef Somr), was one too. Hubicka was training Hirma to be a dispatcher as well as the secrets of sex. Hubicka was a sex idol at least in his own mind; however, he personified that example with Hirma because of all the sex partners he had had. Hirma was the only train employee who was still a virgin, and I believe that is why he put more pressure on himself to have a sexual encounter.

        When Hirma tried to kill himself, that was an intense scene to watch because I felt sorry for him and knew that sex was not worth ending his own life. However, for Hirma sex was that important, and he was hospitalized. The comedy of the movie begins after he attempted to kill himself.

        The doctor told him that he was suffering from premature ejaculation and that it was normal for men to experience. He also told him that he needed to find an experienced woman to help him become more experienced. Then Hirma was on a journey to find a woman who could help him become more experienced and release him of his virginity. However, once he lost his virginity and felt like a man, he sacrificed himself to blow up a German train, which I feel he would not have done if he had not had sex.

Maria Ratliff

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