A Rush for Comedy and Gold

        The movie The Gold Rush, 1925, is a great comedy. This movie, while being very funny, is also about an important time in American history. In the movie, the lone prospector (Charlie Chaplin) travels to Alaska to find gold. While he is there he meets another prospector, Big Jim McKay (Mack Swain) and the criminal Black Larsen (Tom Murray).

        There are many parts of this movie that make it very funny, and at times I forgot what the movie was really about. The gold rush in Alaska was not necessarily as funny as the movie makes it out to be. There were many people that were hurt or killed during this time in our history. However, this movie somehow seems to make us forget about all the not so glamorous parts of this era.

        The scene in the movie where Charlie and Big Jim are hungry in the cabin is a classic movie moment. Big Jim imagining Charlie as a big Turkey and chasing him around the cabin trying to eat him is hilarious. Another rather humorous part of the movie occurs when the cabin is placed on the edge of the cliff and every move makes the cabin teeter back and forth. Something that made that scene even better was that neither character knew that the cabin was that close to falling over the edge.

        The movie did, however, do a great job at showing that this was a very important time for this culture. The showed the desperation of the prospectors to find gold and also that they were risking their lives for this quest for wealth. And the most important thing was that it did it all while keeping a smile on everyone's face and a laugh on their lips.

Elizabeth Barrett

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