How to Remember an Artistic Masterpiece

        If I could digitally remaster any of the films we watched in class, I would have to choose My Fair Lady. I am not particularly fond of this movie, as I find it to be too long, with unnecessarily long songs, but as an artist I think this is definitely the movie that piques my interest the most. The color, the costumes, the sets are all amazing and must have been groundbreaking at the time. I feel today as though we have lost a lot of interest in the "fine art" quality of film. Film makers today can achieve a wow effect with big name actors and special effects, all the while neglecting the use of good costumes and color combinations.

        In My Fair Lady, the costumes are brilliant. Every character's outfit complements that of every other character. The planning that went into the look of the film must have been extensive. Today, because of deadlines and budgets, it seems as though we have lost this drive for artistic merit. The quality of the images themselves are just not the same. This is why I would remaster My Fair Lady, not because it is not already a beautiful film, but because mixing its artistic qualities with modern technology would produce a film of the caliber we no longer see. The colors and costumes are already so amazing in this film that, if remastered, they would probably blow our minds. I would most likely go frame by frame and increase the intensity of the colors and bump the contrast where necessary. I would fix any technical glitches, and that would probably be it.

        I would not add or remove anything because I do not believe in destroying the integrity of someone's art. I would simply enhance the colors so the film could be viewed in a way that would make the film makers proud.

Sarah Dixon

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