Invasion of the Body Snatchers: A Movie for Its Own Time

        Invasion of Body Snatchers, directed by Don Siegel in 1956, tells a story about how a town is slowly being taken over by aliens when they go to sleep. The movie has an interesting concept behind it. A person really does not see this kind of thought process in today's movies.

        Dr. Miles J. Bennell, acted by Kevin McCarthy, finds out that his town has recently been taken over by aliens, and the only way to really tell them apart is by a feeling because one knows the person so well. The acting was superb in it; a person can really see the horror when Dr. Bennell and Becky Driscoll, played by Dana Wynter, start to see their friends become strangers. It was also a good thought process to have it in a small town instead of a large one. This is because it made sure that the characters were more intimately known to each other.

        One thing that would be interesting to see is this movie set in today's world and standards. A part of the writer thinks that it would be interesting to see what technological advances can be seen in the movie. Not that the old movie was horrible in that particular aspect, actually it was done pretty good.

        However, overall, the thought is that the movie would probably do horrible in today's society because of the way the movie industry has evolved. Also, another reason is that the tastes of today's movie goers are different. I believe even I would not be interested in the movie if shot today, but I simply loved the version shown in class.

        There is definitely a different degree of what is acceptable for a movie just because of the time period that it is made in. Some movies are just better in the past; another example of this is Victor Fleming's 1939 Gone with the Wind. It is a well-known movie, but would it be so popular if it were done now-a-days? I really do not think so.

Michelle Maden

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