Not So Innocent

     The 1961 movie The Innocents, directed by Jack Clayton and based on Henry James's 1898 The Turn of the Screw, is a very good horror flick. The cinematography and camera angles and editing all help to add a rather eerie element to the film. To say the least, I liked it a lot. I would, however, like to discuss the topic that was implied of demoniacal, possessed children. The two kids (Miles Stephens and Pamela Franklin) in this movie are inhabited by the spirits of the dead. This causes them to do evil things. This helps to back my theory that all children are possessed by Satan in one form or another. All kids do wrong, evil things.

     This exemplifies that it is not necessarily their work, but rather the work of the devil. See, Satan keeps all kids' souls until they can buy them back from him. Kids are a breeding ground for the souls of the undead. That is the reason we have detention in our schools.... to exorcise the demons. Since demons are evil, so are children. This is the reason I never want to have kids. I do not want to be responsible for spawning another host for demonic activities into this world... it is messed up enough as it is.

     When a child comes up to me and asks, "Mister, will you buy a raffle ticket from me so I can have money to buy my soul back from the Dark Lord?" I weep. I want to help this kid out, but I cannot be associated with something like that. When the kid gets into high school, he will get a job and earn money to pay off his debt to his devilish pimp. This is the reason most kids get their souls back and become normal in high school. Did you not see The Exorcist? That little girl was not in high school...that is the reason she got possessed. Some kids, however, do not earn back their soul. That is the reason we have delinquents, rapists, thugs, murderers, and thieves. They did not make the cut.

     So, my advice to all kids who read this (as if any will), get a job... save your soul.

Jakob Bilinski

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