Not so Fond of Fonda!

        As uninteresting as Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 play (A Doll’s House() was, the 1973 film adaptation produced by Joseph Losey was that much less interesting. This story is dull and very forgettable, to say the least. After reading the play and watching the film, I still had to refresh myself about the story line. A “snoozer” of a story plus the wretch, known as Jane Fonda... oy! Could this get any worse?

        As I was growing up in a military family, Jane Fonda was always... well, less than liked due to her unnecessary involvement during Vietnam. She toured Vietnam, not to boost the troops morale, but to stay with the North Vietnamese. She even posed as if she were shooting at American aircrafts. This definitely got her in the hot seat with many Americans, including my family.

        For these reasons it is hard for me to watch Jane Fonda portray Nora Helmer. The moral of this feminist tale is lost to me, due to my angst for the individual playing this role. So in the end this is a lose, lose combination: A horribly boring story, mixed a morally questionable individual whom I was raised disliking.

        What this has taught me is the way in which you view an actor or actress will greatly affect the way you are able to picture them in a role. This is sometimes how actors and actresses become typecast into certain roles and, sometimes, have to spend the rest of their careers overcoming this. Sometimes, in Fonda’s case, their personal lives have this same effect.

Sarah Willig

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