Not Fonda This Casting Call

     Henrik Ibsen's 1879 classic A Doll's House is one of the most loved plays of all time, which has grown to become a timeless classic in many playhouses across the nation. I doubt that old Henrik would have liked the 1973 rendition of his classic masterpiece by Joseph Losey. Why not?--well, one can start with casting, and who better to start with than Jane Fonda. I know that the Fonda name is well-regarded throughout Hollywood, but to star in A Doll's House, Fonda managed to turn Nora into herself, which is an overly excessive feminist.

Her acting skills are far from professional, so why did not Joseph Losey cast an actress more suitable for the job? I shall tell you why; it is done mainly because of the MONEY! Nowadays, directors are too busy worrying about how many stars they can cram into one movie. They think that if they have, for example, Jane Fonda, in their film, more people will come out to see it than if Jane Doe is the star.

     Who cares? I do not know about you, but the reasons I go out to see a movie are not due to who is in it; rather, what is in it. If Hollywood directors would give young, up-and-coming actors a chance to star in movies, we would not have this problem. How is Jane Doe supposed to get recognized if Jane Fonda gets every role she desires due to her name? That is just not fair to young, unrecognized actors and actresses.

     In my opinion, Hollywood needs to shape up its act and stop dressing up every movie bill that comes out. Remember the old saying, "Quality over Quantity?" Well, it is not said just for fun; it is the truth; and, if Hollywood wants to improve its image and quality of movies, it needs to start with the casting.

Thomas Oliverio

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