As Noon Approaches

        The movie High Noon, 1950, directed by Fred Zinneman, is a great part of American History. This movie is a great part of history because this movie is about a time in our country's history that is not often remembered. This is the time of gun duels in the streets, the local saloon filled with people from the town drinking together, and the time of a train coming in at high noon with plenty of tension coming with it.

        This movie speaks of a time that very few people of our time remember. Many people in society today have become much more worried about themselves and less about their neighbor as they were in the time of these old westerns. High Noon is a story of a man who was not willing to back down from a threat directed at him.

        In this movie the marshal of a town (Gary Cooper) has gotten word that a former enemy, Frank Miller (Ian MacDonald), is coming back on the noon train to get revenge. In the past Marshal Kane put this man in jail for deadly crimes; and, now that he is coming back for revenge, the townspeople refuse to help Kane defend his honor.

        One thing about this movie that puts in a league of its own in movie history is that it was filmed in real time, which means that action in this movie took as long as it does to watch it. There are many times in the movie that the camera moves to fix on a clock. The time by the end of the movie should equal the amount of time it takes to watch it. This is not done very often in movies. This movie, so effectively filmed in real time, shows that even in the time of "all for one and one for all" there were still people unwilling to help their neighbor even when it is for the safety of him as well as for themselves.

Elizabeth Barrett

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