A Doll's Nightmare

     When I was a little girl, I remember wondering what it would be like to have a life like Barbie. I wondered what it would be like to have her car, her friends, her clothes and most of all, her houses. After viewing the 1973 film A Doll's House, directed by Joseph Losey, I became very glad my childhood wondering never became a reality.

     From the perfect little Christmas tree to the perfect little body, I became ill at the life lived by the characters in the film. The character Nora, played by Jane Fonda, seemed so annoying.

     The lives of the characters in both the film and the 1879 play, A Doll's House, by Henrik Ibsen, seemed so unrealistic. The perfectly white snow-covered villages and the everyone knows everyone atmosphere would truly drive me insane. The characters reminded me of dolls. The villages and the houses reminded me of dolls. I was surprised not to see strings attached to the backs of the actors and actresses in the film.

     I do however have an appreciation for both the film and the play. I appreciate them because they made me appreciate the life I have even more. They made me love the fact that my childhood curiosities did not become a reality. I am glad I do not have to lead the life of a Barbie doll with her perfect body and clothes.

     Overall, I truly love the character of Nora for breaking the Barbie doll image. She seemed to bring that perfect little place into reality. She turned her doll's house into reality.

Kimberli DeRossett

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