Biological and Natural:
King Kong

        The most memorable animal villain of all-time has to be King Kong. He has been put up against armies, natives, three blonde damsels, insects, Godzilla, and even tyrannosaurus-rexes. After all these battles, the myth of Kong is still alive and well. Of course, apes are simple-minded compared to their human counterparts. This is quite obvious when Ann Darrow (in the original, 1933 version) screams repulsing him each time he shows up; but he still strives to save her from death continually. It is obvious he is either definitely male or ape-like; he shall never learn.

        With potential death we still continue to try to conquer wild animals all around the world. From the giant squids of the deep oceans to the giant komodo dragons on the far-east, anomalies within species are possible. There have been claims of certain human beings weighing 1600 lbs but there have been several cases of humans weighing in at half a ton. Is this possible? The average American weighs anywhere between 190 and 160 for males and females, respectively. If there are anomalies this high, albeit non-muscular like Kong obviously is, could an anomaly like Kong actually exist?

        According to the number and amount of specie anomalies existing or known to have existed, Kong is an ape who could be plausible but physically impossible. In the newer version of the movie, the crazed director within the movie, Carl Denham (Jack Black), refers to Kong as twenty-five-feet tall. Since the average silverback gorilla is about three feet tall in the crouch position, a rough estimate would mean Kong would weigh anywhere from twenty to sixty tons depending on muscle density. His bone structure could probably support it, but only while standing or walking around. If he tried to move too quickly, the density would not be strong enough to support the movement and every bone would probably break, especially if he were trying to climb the Empire State Building.

        Food would be challenge. In the newer version, he is seen eating trees right out of the ground. Does this mean he was a vegetarian? Well, we never see him eat meat, human, dinosaur, or any other. The average gorilla eats fifty pounds of food a day, but Kong is no average ape. He would have to eat 7,500 pounds of food per day. Just think of the amount of water needed as well, or the amount of excrement, which he alone may produce per day.

        It is implausible but altogether impossible. An anomaly exists or has existed but not to the degree which King Kong, original and new versions, portrays the king of the island (Skull Island in the newer version and it is an unnamed island in the original). If there were a human of the same proportions in which Kong was compared to his normal counterparts, people would gawk, poke, prod, and study for years. But they would also be afraid and fear this enormous natural biological "Eighth Wonder of the World."

Eric Morris

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