A Musical by any Other Name

     Define the movie classification "musical." In today's world people cringe when hearing this word, or asked to watch one. I think this movie is misunderstood. Most people say they hate musicals, but do they really? Musicals have developed a negative connotation. But many are watched and enjoyed, if the classification of "musical" is not attached to the movie. People will enjoy a musical if they do not realize they are watching one.

     When watching My Fair Lady, directed by George Cukor in 1964 and based on George Bernard Shaw's 1913 Pygmalion, in class, most students admitted to enjoying the movie. They bragged on the elaborate costumes and sets. Most even liked the songs. Today musicals have a negative connotation. When asking people if they enjoy musicals, most reply with no. But, how many of these people admitted to enjoying My Fair Lady? The story never dies. Its basic plot was used in the very popular movie Pretty Woman, but without music.

     Today Disney cartoons are watched by people of every age. Songs from these films are released on the radio and most top the pop music charts. These cartoons are nothing but glorified musicals. People do not think of these cartoons as musicals, but they are. Take Beauty and the Beast for example. There is a song in every setting of the movie. The movie and title song Beauty and the Beast were both highly rated. In today's world, musicals are still chart toppers as proved by Beauty and the Beast. But Disney never advertises its movies as "musicals." They are cartoons. Disney knows the connotation that follows the word "musical."

     It is my opinion that musicals deserve more respect. Out of every musical comes a chart-topping song that almost everyone loves. So, why do not people admit to loving these movies? I, myself, love all the old musicals and even the new Disney movies. I think that people will love movies as long as they are not classified as a "musical." Who does not love The Little Mermaid? It is my personal opinion that people are closet music lovers to the extent that they do not realize it. If people would give musicals a chance and try to understand what they are, they would realize there are many movies that fit into this classification and possibly admit to liking some.

Millicent Wilkins

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