Music Makes a Difference

         Music has now become a part of our every day life, but it has not always been that way. There are very few ways to entertain these days without using music or some sort of sound/ sound effects. Technology has come a long way with their advancements and how they are used. For example, movies have not always been in color or they have not always had sound or music. Music and sound have become a very important aspect of the entertainment world.

         The impact of music on movies varies from each time period. First, sounds were put in movies to add to entertainment and to somewhat help explain the actions being taken during the film. Today, on the other hand, sounds and music are put in movies to make a scene scarier or more romantic or even funnier. For example, in scary movies like Halloween, filmed by John Carpenter in 1978 and Rob Zombie in 2007, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, filmed by Tobe Hooper in 1974 and by Marcus Nispel in 2003, one can always tell when a scary part comes up because of how rapid the music is playing. Basically music sets the tone of a movie.

         So next time you go to the movies, no matter what kind, pay attention to the music and sounds in the movie to see if they set the tone for you or not. I think music and sound effects make a huge difference in a movie. Without sound, the movie is not the same and could possibly have a different meaning to some people. Not only do music and sound make the movie better, but they also help give more meaning and understanding to the film.

Ashley Yates

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