A Movie to Love

†††††††† In the movie Somethingís Gotta Give (2003), directed by Nancy Meyers, it is easy to see why Diane Keaton won a Golden Globe award and was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in this romantic comedy. This movie is very touching. I usually do not like romantic comedies because they seem like carbon copy movies, with the same ones being made the same one over and over, and only the title of the film changing. This movie was different to me.

†††††††† The story begins off with Jack Nicholsonís character, Harry, who is a music mogul and chaser of young women. He is dating Amanda Peetís character, Marin, who is the daughter of Diane Keatonís character, Erica. Marin thought it would be romantic to get out the city for the weekend and go to her momís house in the Hamptons. They soon discover, in a humorous way, that her mom, Erica and Aunt Zoe Barry (Frances McDormand) have already decided to do the same thing. They determine that they can all be adults and stay the weekend together at the house. Later that evening Harry is rushed to the emergency room with a heart attack. Since heart attacks take a long time to get over, both the aunt and Marin leave Harry in Ericaís care at her house in the Hamptons.

†††††††† Though they seem to not get along at all, Erica and Harry began to develop a connection and fall in love. The only hold up is Harry does not date older women. So he leaves her devastated, especially when she sees him out on the town with a much younger woman. Through her hard times trying to get over Harry, Erica writes a brilliant play about her experience that is very successful. Erica also began to date Harryís ER doctor (Keanu Reeves), who is younger than she is and who adores her. After doing some self-searching, Harry soon knows the error of his ways and runs off to find Erica.

†††††††† This story is just so charming because one hears of powerful men that only date young women it seems. This movie is also quite funny, so expect a lot of laughter. I thought it was refreshing to see a successful older woman get her man in the end.

Kristin Windsor

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