More Brilliant Revenge

        Kill Bill: Vol. 2, was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino in 2004. This film is completely different from Kill Bill: Vol. 1. Although it is still an action and drama film, it is not as fast paced and gory as the first film. The thing I liked about this movie was the fact that it answered all of my questions I was left guessing from the first film.

        Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride/Black Mamba's (Uma Thurman's) revenge in this film is so much greater than the first film. The viewers discover the truth behind the wedding massacre and get to see the scene that took place at the wedding. It is very exciting in this film because in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 the viewers never get to see Bill. In this film they finally get to see him (David Carradine). Beatrix continues her revenge in this film on Bill, her ex, and his two remaining associates.

        The first associate she seeks revenge on is Budd, Bill's younger brother (Michael Madsen). He is a retired ex-assassin that lives in a trailer out in the middle of nowhere. This fight scene ends with Beatrix being put in a coffin and buried by Budd. The movie then goes back to her three-year-long martial arts training with Pai-Mei (Chia Hui Liu) that had taken place in the first film. The viewers see the struggle between her and her hard-hitting and mean master. This is the part of the film that you see why Beatrix is the deadliest woman in the world.

        The second associate that Beatrix seeks revenge on is Elle (Daryl Hannah), Bill's latest flame. This fight also takes place in the trailer, and there is a snake involved, which makes this scene scary and very interesting. As you would have guessed, Beatrix prevails and kills Elle.

        Last, you have the fight scene with Beatrix and Bill. This is the battle that the viewers have been waiting for since the beginning of Kill Bill: Vol. 1. This film is very emotional and more touching than the first film. There are not as much blood and guts, but there are still awesome fight scenes that show the hate through Beatrix's eyes to seek revenge.

Samantha Bottoms

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