Modern Day Innocents

         I have decided to recast the main characters in the 1961 film The Innocent, directed by Jack Clayton, for a modern day remake, based on the 1898 novella by Henry James, The Turn of the Screw. I think that my version would attract the modern audiences by giving the movie a new look.

         I would cast Nicole Kidman as instead of Deborah Kerr as Miss Giddens, the governess. The governess is a loving, strong woman. Throughout the whole movie she is struggling with the evil ghosts that appear to be after the children. Miss Giddens tries to protect the children from the ghosts. Kidman would be good as this character because of her role in the 2005 film The Interpreter, directed by Sidney Pollack. She played a woman who overhears voices in a language that few know and is being followed the whole movie. She does a great job in being on edge not knowing what would happen next, creating wonderful suspense.

         I would cast Haley Joel Osment as Miles, instead of Martin Stephens. Miles is a young boy at the age of ten. He is well behaved; however, he was expelled from school. Throughout the movie one could say that he is either mischievous or is being controlled by a ghost. Osment would be good as Miles because of his role as Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense, directed in 1999 by M. Night Shyamalan, in which he plays a young boy that sees ghosts and communicates with them.

         I would cast Dakota Fanning as Flora, instead of Pamela Franklin. Flora is an eight-year-old girl that appears to be very sweet and innocent throughout the movie. However, one cannot figure out if this behavior is sincere or merely to cover up the evil that is within her that communicates with the former governess, Miss Jessel (Clytie Jessop). Fanning would be great cast in this role because of her performance in Hide and Seek, directed in 2005 by John Polson, in which she played Emily, a girl who has just lost her mother and is traumatized.

         Having these three, Kidman, Osment, and Fanning would make a new version of The Innocents irresistible to all types of audiences.

Susan Stinson

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