Hopkins Makes A Dollís House Bloom

        This essay I would like to address the casting in the two different 1973 versions of Henrik Ibsenís 1879 A Dollís House that we watched in class. The first version that we watched, directed by Joseph Losey, had Jane Fonda playing the part of Nora. The second version, directed by Patrick Garland, starred Claire Bloom as Nora. I personally like the version that has Claire Bloom as Nora. I thought that she has a much more mature understanding of the character on screen. Her maturity was shown the most at the end in the leaving scene. She actually sat her husband down and quietly told him she was leaving; this made her stand out above her husband and made him look the childish one in the relationship. This is especially true because right before this scene he had just gone crazy on her and had verbally abused her. It made her decision to leave him very apparent and accepted by the audience.

        I also thought that the man, David Warner, who played her husband in the version that included Jane Fonda was not as good of an actor as Anthony Hopkins. Anthony Hopkins played the role of the husband in the version included Claire Bloom. I think that he was a little more sophisticated looking and in the way he acted than the other actor who played Noraís husband. I also think that he was more attractive, and it would have made more since for a beautiful woman like Nora to have fallen in love with a man who looked Anthony Hopkins than the other man, Warner, who played her husband. Again I really enjoyed this story, but the only thing that I would have changed is that I did not like that Nora left her children. I think that, when her husband is talking about responsibilities, he was right when he pointed out her responsibility as a mother. I agree with him on that.

Megan McKinney