A Comedy Like No Other

        Monty Python Flying Circus was directed by Ian McNaughton from 1969-74. These skits were very funny. The humor in these skits were amusingly unique, I would describe the humor to be child like, silly, and over the top.

        There was really no plot; it felt as if Ian McNaughton and his buddies had gotten together one day and decided to act incredibly stupid and film it. However, I enjoy watching films that are ridiculously out there and make absolutely no sense. My favorite scenes in any of the Monty Python’s videos and movies are the animated scenes, concocted by Terry Gilliam, that are just randomly shown. I really cannot explain what specific aspect it is that draws me towards those scenes, but I love them. I love the way they are constructed, how the scene looks as if the figures were cut out, pasted, and moved as a whole; I love the voice of the narrator; it is like an older child changing his voice to pretended.

        One aspect of the film that I had noticed was that most of the actors that were in Monty Python Flying Circus were also in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975), (which by the way is one of my favorite movies). Monty Python and the Holy Grail was the only Ian McNaughton film I had seen before watching Monty Python Flying Circus. He had many “trademarks” in films. The first commonality I had noticed was the actors as mentioned before; then I had noticed how he seemed to randomly insert animated scenes throughout the film in both of his films; and the obvious “trademark” would be his genre of comedy. The humor created in both of these films was unique; there was no in between; either people loved his style or they hated it. The people that cannot stand horsing around or the tendency to act immature and goof off hate Ian McNaughton’s style of humor. The people that do not mind getting in touch with their inner child love his style.

Sarah Ellegood

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