The Legendary Vampire Movie Nosferatu

        The movie Nosferatu (1922) was directed by F.W. Murnau. This movie was intriguing because it is the foundation of all the Vampire movies we now watch. Vampire movies have come to dominate the horror genre because of the effect it had in our history. In the past, there was a vampire scare that spread from Europe to all across the world that I believed inspired Nosferatu and the vampire movies to come.

        Nosferatu had a big impact on movie goers because the movie played on the fears of that time, Vampires. The movie, in my opinion, was incredible. The movie was a silent film; however, the intensity of the movie kept my attention. The vampire, Orlock, was played by Max Schreck. The count seemed to be the most intriguing character throughout the movie. It was easy to get caught up in the movie with an actor like Max Schreck. He had a horrifying intensity that would intrigue any audience. To, date no vampire had been as horrifying as the Count Orlock. His acting ability made a silent film seem packed with fear and fascination.

        Nosferatu, the legendary movie, set the stage for all the characteristics of a vampire and the plot points for movies to come. Even though the movie was made back in 1922, a lot of the same plot is used to characterize a vampire, such as spreading garlic around to avoid vampires and driving a stake in the heart to kill vampires. However, there were some differences between Nosferatu and present vampire films. One I noticed is that count Orolok could be seen in a mirror, whereas in movies today vampires do not have a reflection. The count also cast a shadow on the wall, and that is not normal in current movies.

        Nosferatu has become the influence of many vampire movies and set the stage for future ones. It intrigued any audience by playing on the horrifying fear and question of whether or not vampires exist. The silence of the movie only intensifies the horror that you experience from most movies. The acting in the movie allowed a silent film to be a vampire classic.

Maria Ratliff

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