Latino Lovin’

         Having come close to full circle in my analysis of the films we have watched so far this semester, I feel I should return to the beginning. There is much to say about the many adaptations we viewed on Emily Brontë’s 1847 Wuthering Heights, so I believe to best illustrate my knowledge attained I need to take a step back and compare the novel to the 1954 film Los Abismos de Pasion, directed by Luis Buñuel.

         As per the novel, I felt that the quaint setting and time period allow the human emotions to really shine through. The family ties and love story make this tale easy to relate to, but the main thing that held me from being able to really get into the tale was Heathcliff’s situation, and this is why I feel Los Abismos de Pasion did a much better job at connecting the actors to the story. Being set in somewhere other than England was the first thing that gained my attention, because quite honestly, that seemed to be where everything was set in the films we watched this semester.

         Along with setting, the Spanish adaptation related much better to the novel than the 1939 film Wuthering Heights, directed by William Wyler. I felt like the storyline better represented the feeling the original author, Emily Brontë, had in mind. The drama that the Spanish version portrayed drew the viewer in from a different perspective and saturated the eyes and soul with sorrow.

         Changing not only the setting, but also the culture entirely was a complete success in this case. Spanish flavor is interesting in everyday life, but when you add this story of sorrow and love you essentially create one of the first soap operas. I would say that overall, if I had to pick any version to watch again, it would be Los Abismos de Pasion.

Lauren Taylor