Is Color the Difference?

†††††††† Color in television and movies have come a long way. Over the past few years we have stumbled upon technology that betters the color and picture on your TV. This technology is known as high definition TV. The question that comes to my mind during all the technology improvements is what TV was like without color. The people my age and younger really do not know what television or movies are like without color. My momís generation, on the other hand, only knew black and white television when they were growing up as children. So does color matter, or is it something that television would not survive without.

†††††††† Over the past couple of semesters, I have seen several movies without color and over the twenty-one years of my life, I have seen hundreds of movies in color, yet I still cannot tell whether color has made that big of a difference. I realize that color has had a huge impact on movies and TV and has made things look a hundred times better, but is the story told better in color or without color? When I was in the first grade, my teacher asked what my favorite movie was; and, since I was so young, my teacher assumed it would be a Disney movie or something along the lines of a color cartoon movie. Little did she know that my answer was going to be the furthest from a Disney movie. I told her that my favorite movie was To Kill a Mockingbird. My teacher gave me the funniest look, but I honestly loved that movie and I still love the story and movie today. My favorite movie in the first grade was a black and white movie about segregation. I guess when I was little, I did not care if a movie was in color or not, and to my teacher it was a shock.

†††††††† I think that color has done a lot of good things for the movie industry; but, at the same time, some people are more focused on the color and special effects that it takes away from the story that is being told. I admit that sometimes I forget about the story being told in a movie because the color or some other effect, and yet we do not realize what we are doing. Most of the time I pick a movie to watch because I think the story would be interesting, not because I like the color. So why it is that people today will choose to watch a color movie over a black and white movie? I guess some people find it to be more entertaining and color movies tell the story better, but I thought the actors and actresses told the story not the color.

†††††††† On the other hand, I think color has done many things for film and has become a huge part of the history of film. It has had a large impact and had been very influencing to other areas of film. Some people do not realize how much color makes a difference. As I said before, color does not tell the story, but it improves our visualization of the story. Color makes the movies come alive. In my opinion, certain movies would not survive without color. For example, the movie The Fast and the Furious, without color those flashy exotic cars would not have looked the same, and the meaning of the movie might not have been the same. The color of the cars made them look fast and furious. Sometimes you just need a little help getting your point across.

†††††††† One way that I think color has an impact on a specific film is that it shows what kind of personality the characters have. For example, if the main female character wears bright colors all the time and wears bright make up, then more than likely she is going to have a bright and happy personality. If the main male character wears dark colors and is always in dark areas throughout the film, then he is going to have a very dark personality. Also, if a scene is dark and rainy, then more than likely the scene is going to either be a very scary scene or a very sad scene. If the setting or scene is sunny and the colors are really bright, then it is going to be a happy scene full of a lot of good things. So color can change the meaning of a scene in an instant.

†††††††† Lighting is an aspect of color that will either make certain color stand out more or make them fade out into the background. Lighting is also a very important part of cinema. In order for the colors to show up, you have to have a particular lighting so the colors will show up, and they will show up exactly how you want them. Without lighting there would not exactly be cinema.

†††††††† In conclusion, color plays a huge role in the history of cinema. It has made movies come to life and has help take movies to another level. Color can do so many things for a movie. It can set the mood of a scene or even the entire movie. It can also tell you a little bit about the main characters and their personalities. Now do not get me wrong; there have been some great black and white movie; but color has enhanced film so much that most of the black and white movies have been moved to the back of the shelf. As I said before, I think color makes the movies come to life. Without color things in the world of cinema would be very dull. But that is just my opinion, so do you think color makes that big of a difference?

Ashley Yates

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