A Masterpiece in the Making

        Ang Lee directed a film that would end up becoming a controversial story across the world. Brokeback Mountain (2005) is the tale of two cowboys or ranchers that are hiding a secretive relationship over the years. Why would this movie be controversial you might ask? The homosexual aspect in movies has not been touched on in this extreme of a manner. This is bringing up an aspect that has just become recent to the movie industry. Sure we have had films where homosexuals have been featured, but they are usually minor roles and are hidden deep within the plot line. Now, in Brokeback Mountain they have publicized the movie as an openly gay love story between two males.

        The story begins without any indication of either of the cowboys being homosexual. This fact is hidden. This is so because neither of them knows at the time that they will be contributing to a relationship that will happen, based on a chance encounter. The two cowboys find work, herding sheep across the county together one summer. The hauling is a long exhaustive process and eventually wears down the cowboys. One cold summer night, Ennis (Heath Ledger) is shivering because he is sleeping outside of the tent. Jack Jake Gyllenhaal) invites him into the tent. In one swift glance they become lovers and have a night of passionate love. The next morning they keep avoiding the topic and explaining to each other that it was a one-time thing. Eventually they decide not to fight fate, and they fall for each other. This relationship lasts until the end of the summer; the two cowboys go their separate ways, marry and have kids. Throughout those years though, they continue their romance with a yearly "fishing" trip with one another back at Brokeback Mountain. This becomes their spot. Brokeback Mountain is a place for them to get away from their daily lives and just concentrate on their relationship with one another. Eventually the years pass by, and they do not get to spend as much time with each other as they would like. Jack ends up dying after he is brutally beaten by homophobes, and Ennis is stuck alone, after divorcing his wife and losing custody of his children.

        This movie truly will become a classic. It exemplifies the true meaning of love, even though a new aspect, one of homosexuality, has been introduced, it is still a tale that should be told and is, and that is why this has become one of the year's best films.

Christie Clatterbuck

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