In Lieu

     This seventh and final paper in being written as a direct result of my own ignorance for not being on a panel discussion. If any future English 213 students read this, I strongly recommend being on a panel discussion, rather than gall yourself with yet another paper.

     Before this great, night class, I was just another unappreciative critic of novels, which were later adapted into their film versions. In fact, the only novel I had seen adapted for a film version was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the 1884 classic by Mark Twain. Film and Literature really opened my eyes of the dissimilarity between a film and a novel. For one, while reading a novel, one does not get quite the emotion of the characters. While in film, one gets the emotion and whole "nine yards." Secondly, when one reads a novel, one gets exactly what the author intended. Now later, when the novel is then adapted to film, bits and pieces deemed "inappropriate" are left out.

     Finally, the most remarkable impact this class has had on me would be the amount of attention focused on certain details throughout films. Throughout the class, I found myself looking for the smallest item in order to have yet another subject for my paper. It did not really matter what the subject was, if I could bull shit my way through three hundred words, this would be the topic of my next paper. Even after all the films have been viewed, I still pay close attention to other films for possible subjects of my B.S.

Erin Eagleson

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