Ms. Independent

         If I were to act in a movie version of one of the assigned literary works I would choose to play Stella in Tennessee Williams' 1947 A Streetcar Named Desire, filmed in 1951 by Elia Kazan. Her part was not the main role, but she was strong, beautiful and caring; all of which I like to think I am.

         Stella (Kim Hunter) had to put up with Stanley (Marlon Brando) and his outburst throughout the whole film. One quotation of his that really sticks out in my mind occurs when the three characters are eating diner and Stanley stood up and said, "I'm the king around here." This phrase really shows what Stella had to put up with. She gave Stanley a run for his money. Even though every time she "left" him she would come running back she never came running back without him begging for her first. He really needed her. She did everything for him--from cooking him diner, to pleasing him, to staying away when the guys were over.

         Stella needed to be strong once Blanche (Vivien Leigh) arrived. Blanche and Stanley did not mesh well together. Blanche thought he was a Pollock and a pig. Stanley knew she was crazy and did everything he could to egg her on. Stella stood there and took up for her sister until the end, when she knew there was nothing else she could do. She always stood up for Blanche when Stanley would come after her, knowing he would reprimand her later. Stella was by no means scared of Stanley.

         Kim Hunter, the actress who played Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire, was not your average actress. She was not rail thin or beaming with beauty. She had curves, short hair and average-looking clothes. But, when she lit up, the whole screen lit up. Her personality and suave remarks made her pop on screen. Women with curves portray a more natural image of women today. It is easy for people to relate to average-looking characters on screen. I thought she was amazing, although shy at times, when I thought she should have spoken up. I would have reacted to some of Stanley's comments the same way she did. It was a beautiful part in the film when Stella ran upstairs and Stanley, drunk and soaking wet was yelling for her. She slowly walked back down, and they embraced each other so sexually--Stella scrubbing his back and Stanley holding on to her with all his might. There you truly know he loves her, and he knows she is not going anywhere. Although Blanche was more attractive physically than Stella, Stella had this attitude that made her more beautiful than Blanche.

         Stella was also very caring. She always gave into Stanley, doing whatever he ask of her, I mean who would not with Marlon Brando playing Stanley. She did not do this because she was scared of him, but because she truly cared about him and their relationship. Stella had such a big heart she let her sister come into their house and stay for a long time. She stood up for Blanche and tried not to believe Stanley that she was sick; but, when it came down to it, Stella knew Stanley was right and gave into her heart, letting Blanche go to a home where she could be watched more closely and she and Stanley could to on with their new baby. At the end you think Stella was going to leave him, but I know she will not. She was stressed and dad because she just had sent her only sister away. She cares for Stanley too much to leave him like that, especially after they just had a baby.

         Stella tries to be Ms. Independent, but she cares for Stanley and her family too much. I am also a very caring person, put in the same situations as Stella, I would have done the same things. I tend to think I can be Ms. Independent, but I know I cannot, I havee too much of a heart to be mean. This is why I think I would play a good Stella. Plus, I have got come curves on me, like Stella, but everyone is beautiful in their own way. Playing aside Marlon Brando would not have been so bad either.

Brandy Couleas

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