Eliza’s Self-Improvement Plan

        In the movie, My Fair Lady, I found that Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) is the product of one man's inspiration of the ideal woman. This man is Mr. Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) that sets out to make an everyday flower girl his idea of the perfect woman. Just as Higgins does this in My Fair Lady, people in today's society do the very same thing. A lot of time this may go unnoticed, and individuals have no idea at the time that they are undergoing their own self-improvement plan.

        One instance in this self-improvement plan occurs when a lot of people enter college. Young students arrive in a world where their parents and community from home are not around to hinder them any longer. Students are introduced to professors that tell them it is okay to speak their mind. Students then realize they are able to express their ideas and use them to generate a stronger sense of individuality. Eliza Doolittle goes through this process when the master of etiquette, Higgins, along with the well-mannered Colonel Pickering (Wilfred Hyde-White), teaches her. He does everything in his power to make her a proper lady, but deep down Eliza is still a flower girl. She does become frustrated when he is teaching her the art of phonetics, but it is later on during the ball and afterwards when she is able to use everything that she learns to the best of her ability.

         When people are going through a self-improvement plan, a lot of the time they are probably oblivious to it. I know that I was when I came to college. I had no idea that I was learning to grow up and become my own person. I think that Eliza had no clue how dramatic of a transformation that Higgins had made in her as she grew from a flower girl to a fair lady. I think that this change in Eliza was a positive thing since it taught her how much potential she really had.

         I think that all of us can look back at sometime in our life and think of a time when we were transformed into something new through a self-improvement plan. For some people, their plans have been through college, a new career, a significant other, or a new family. For Eliza Doolittle, we witness her self-improvement plan that was made into a reality with the help of Henry Higgins.

Beth Ann Dunavant

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