Humor without Words

†††††††† Humor can come in many forms such as jokes, embarrassment, and movies. I do not know many people who do not enjoy a good laugh every now and then, especially if they have had a long, hard week. It is obvious that no one likes to be sad; but, when one is, there is nothing like a good laugh to brighten oneís day.

†††††††† I never knew that something silent could be in any way, shape, or form funny until I watched Charlie Chaplinís 1925 The Gold Rush. There was not any dialogue, but there was a little narration; either way, I did not think this movie would be very funny. I enjoyed this movie very much, and I thought the director did an amazing job of making silence funny. Obviously I might have laughed a little harder if there had been more sound and dialogue, but just watching the actions without sound is just funny in itself. I would have to say that in this movie actions did speak louder than words.

†††††††† Silent movies are not always as bad as they sound--clever play on silent and sound or do not sound, for that matter; but technology has come a long way by satisfying us with sound. Silence is not always a bad thing; but, when I watch a movie, I would rather have some dialogue and sound effects to go along with the story.

†††††††† Nevertheless, overall I thought this mainly silent movie was very funny, and I could actually see myself watching this movie again sometime. I learned that one does not always need sound to get oneís point across; and that, just because it does not have sound, it does not mean that the movie is not good or funny. I always enjoy a good laugh, and it felt good to start my week off with a good silent laugh. So in the end humor does not have to have words because I think humor speaks for itself through actions and laughter.

Ashley Yates

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