Marlon, How Did You Get so Good?

        Some actors that are cast in movies seem so lazy, and they really just do not capture their characters. There are other actors, however, whom actually turn themselves into there character. In the case of Stanley Kowalski from Elia Kazan's 1951 version of Tennessee Williams' 1947 A Streetcar Named Desire Marlon Brando did this and far more. Brando was Stanley, and it almost made it seem that Stanley was supposed to be Brando. This actor did a fantastic job; you really cannot ask for much more.

        Stanley Kowalski was a married man whom lived in New Orleans. He was also a man who had a drinking problem that was very visible in the movie. Brando was more than capable of playing this role. In fact, he became the unoriginal star of the movie. Brando really seemed to be a completely different person; he was Stanley. A lot of times I find myself identifying actors as I watch a movie, making it somewhat less interesting when I picture the actors as they were in other movies. In this case, it was hard to think of Marlon Brando as Marlon Brando, I only saw him as Stanley Kowalski. To have that much talent as an actor is an extraordinary thing for any film.

        It is always great when an actor can make himself into a role. In this movie though, it almost seemed as if the character was made into the actor. Brando’s performance of Stanley Kowalski really made it seem as if Stanley was actually Brando. Brando’s abilities to display anger, drunkenness, love, hate, fear, etc were just astounding. All these characteristics basically describe Kowalski, and Brando was able to portray them in a way that seemed to easy for him. That is how it seems like Stanley is Brando. The fact that Brando was so capable of playing the role makes it almost seem like Stanley was him.

        If you have seen this movie, then you know that Marlon Brando is an excellent actor. His ability to turn himself into the character that he his playing makes him a rare breed amongst the acting community. Brando made the role seem easy in a sense, or maybe the role made him seem real…it is hard to say. All in all, Marlon Brando could not have been replaced as Stanley Kowalski, and if any attempt were made it would have been a failed one.

Shaun Brown