A House of Lies

         The 1973 version of Henrik Ibsenís 1879 A Dollís House, directed by Joseph Losey, is a film full of lies and deception. The leading role was held by Jane Fonda (Nora), who was a young woman that lied, stole, and cheated to get her way. She betrayed not only her husband Torvald (David Warner), but also her family; and now she has to decide whether to abandon the family or live in a house of lies.

         At this day in time, leaving your partner was essentially unheard of and frowned upon. What you see is what you get, and most people are stuck with the commitment they make. However, in this case, Nora defied all of society and most importantly the trust of her husband. After getting into trouble with the bank and the law, Nora decides to leave her family. She is young, and not educated enough to raise a family of her own. Torvald finds out the news and is in total shock, but he would forgive her for all of her wrong doings. If Nora would leave him, it would create a bad image for him and his family. What would he tell people?

        Nora realizes that she is not the only one who had thought about selfish, but Torvald is guilty of doing the same thing. All he is concerned about was his self-image and what the town would think of him when they found out. Nora needs to work on herself, deal with the consequences, and learn to be a grown woman. She could not live in shame the rest of her life; she needs to get away and mature.

        I believe that it Nora has made the right decision when she leaves her family. She is very young in many aspects, and she needs to work on several things in her life. She needs to be properly educated, learn how to manage money, be truthful, and most importantly trustworthy.

Rebecca Cross