Modern Day House

         I have decided to update the main characters in the 1973 film A Doll's House for a modern day film, based on the 1879 play by Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House. I believe that my adaptation would draw the modern audiences by giving the movie a fresh look.

         I would cast Kate Beckinsale as instead of Jane Fonda as Nora Helmer. Before the time the film takes place, Nora has committed a forged document in order to save the life of her husband, Torvald. In the movie, she is blackmailed so that her husband will not find out. She appears to be a strong woman but is confused at times. Beckinsale would play this part well because of her role in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, directed by Michael Bay, as Evelyn. Evelyn is a Navy nurse that falls in love with a man in the Army who is called to fight. She then falls in love with his best friend, who is also in the Army, only to have her true love return and cause confusion. It is because of Beckinsale's emotional role in Pearl Harbor that I believe she would play a great Nora Helmer.

         I would cast Ewan McGregor as Torvald Helmer, Nora's husband, instead of David Warner. Torvald is a very business-oriented man who seems to have little time for his family. McGregor would be good as Torvald because of his role as Christian in the 2001 film Moulin Rouge, directed by Baz Luhrmann, in which he plays a man in search of a business deal that get unexpectedly swept away by a beautiful girl.

         I would cast Catherine Zeta-Jones as Christine Linde, instead of Delphine Seyrig. Christine is a friend of Nora's from the past that comes back after she is widowed to help Nora. Christine is also looking for a job, which is what causes the blackmailing to begin. Zeta-Jones would be great as Christine because of her role as Velma Kelley in the 2002 film Chicago, directed by Rob Marshall. Velma is a girl that has made it big as a singer/dancer in Chicago and runs into some problems. She ends up befriending Roxie Hart (Renée Zellweger) even if it is for selfish reasons.

         I believe that Beckinsale, McGregor, and Zeta-Jones would make a phenomenal cast that would surprise and shock to audience.

Susan Stinson

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