His Just Reward

      Men--got to have them--or not? Many women feel they have a have a man no matter how badly they are treated. Few women get to give a man his just reward. Would it not be great to be the woman who is rightfully gave a deserving man his!

      This is the reason why I would choose to play the part of Catherine Sloper from the 1948 Broadway play, The Heiress. The Heiress, filmed in 1949 by William Wyler, based on Washington Square, written in 1880 by Henry James. The original actress was on the screen was Olivia de Havilland. She did an excellent job of portraying Catherine.

      Catherine was not the prettiest or the fanciest. She was just average, and people did not mind letting her know. That was until handsome Morris Townsend portrayed in the movie by Montgomery Clift, came into her life. He acted as though he loved her and adored her. Her father, Dr. Sloper, played by Ralph Richardson, tried to tell Catherine that Morris was only after his money. It was not until Morris stood Catherine up as they were leaving to marry, that she realized her father was right. When Morris realized he really did love Catherine, he came crawling back only to find her treating him the same way.

      I would have acted the part much the same as Olivia de Havilland. The way she acted so happy that he returned was great; then to leave him standing at the door as she was ascending up the stairs was great. I would have gone to my room and laughed for a short time, then probably cried myself to sleep.

      It would be fun to be an actress. I would enjoy playing the different parts, but for me it would be hard to keep my own feelings and emotions out of it. I can relate to Catherine's character, which leads me to one thing I would do different. I would open the door when he returned slap him, then slam the door in his face.

      The Heiress is an excellent play; and the book, Washington Square is also. I would like to play in a movie based on such a well-written book and play.

Renée Lax

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