Kane and Guido--The Brats of Cinema

†††††††† Charles Foster Kane and Guido Anselmi are two men who are addicted to love. In Orson Wellesí 1941 Citizen Kane, Kane was given away as a child, making his life have the ultimate goal of the need to prove himself in order to receive love. In Frederico Felliniís 1963 8 1/2, Guido (Marcello Mastroianni) is also seeking love because he has never understood it. Love for Guido is like the holy grail of his life; love for Kane is the retribution he needs to feel worth.

†††††††† In my opinion, these characters are pitiful and deserving of love, but they do not go about getting it in the right way. Kane forces people to love him, through manipulation in his news and bribes. While Guido sulks like a schoolboy because he cannot figure out what he wants, and no one else can tell him what he wants.

†††††††† Both characters are juvenile. They cannot comprehend the emotions people have. They want to be in control, but they do not understand, like most six-year-olds, that the world does not revolve around them. Kane, the tantrum child, strives the entire movie to force the world to turn his way. Guido, the sulking-pouty lip child, chooses to daydream and place blame on others because he is indecisive and does not know what he wants. Their juvenile qualities make them incapable of ever receiving the love they want, because people are afraid of them or they donít understand what they want.

†††††††† Their difference in personalities shows the audience how one can achieve their goal to be loved. Kane is a stubborn child who refuses to change or bend to anyone. His personality leaves him alone and without love because no one was willing to stay around with him because of his stubbornness. Guido is so indecisive that he, along with his friends, is frustrated because he will not make a decision and voice his needs/desires. Guido receives his happy ending because in a fantastical ending, Guido decides something about his movie (aka scrap it) and he directs all the people involved into the positions he wants them, something they are more than happy to do because they have been waiting the entire movie for him to speak up.

†††††††† The two characters are very similar in the fact that they have character flaws that restrict them from receiving the love they want, and that one was unbending, while the other bent too much. What saves one from a tragic ending is the fact that Guido was capable of understanding his flaw and fixed it. Kane remained the same and died without achieving his goal to be loved.

Susie Shircliff

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