Getting Scared and Loving It

         The genre that has made a historical difference as far as bringing audiences together is the horror genre. This genre is of great importance and significance because horror movies can bring audiences together in scenes of terror. When sitting through a horror film, one can always expect to have certain reactions, such as screaming and reaching for one's seat or closest friend because one never knows what is going to happen next. These are what make horror films so appealing. Within a horror film there are always twists to make the film more entertaining and scary. Because audiences love to be scared of all these characteristics, horror movies continue to entice more and more audiences and make more and more money for movie producers.

        There are many films that have made the horror genre so popular, but few are like Nosferatu. This 1922 film, directed by F.W. Murnau, brought myth and legends to the big screen. Audiences became obsessed with the idea of the existence of vampires and sought any way to find the truth. Nosferatu was based on the very popular book Dracula, by Bram Stoker. This book, I believe, led to the creation of one of the best movies of all time that influenced future films. This horror movie genre continues to grow especially with the influence of old myths and legends of our past, such as movies that contain werewolves and Bigfoot. These creatures have contributed to the continuing creation of horror movies.

        In conclusion the horror genre had made a huge impact worldwide in theatres and in the homes of audiences. The appeal of the horror genre is that people like to be scared out of your mind, something no other genre can claim to do. The horror genre is also able to include mythical and ancient creatures to scare its audiences. The horror genre will never die out because people love to have horrifying experiences brought into their day to day lives.

Maria Ratliff

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