Kazanís Cinematic Adaptation Fulfills Audiencesí Desire

†††††††† Americans spend billions of dollars each year on films, either at the theater or by renting movies. At a cost of about five to seven dollars per rental or ticket, there has to be something desirable in this practice. Is it pure entertainment people want? Do they simply want a good laugh or cry--some sort of cathartic experience? Or is there something more? Whatever it is, people expect when they spend this money to get the experience they crave. This experience can only come from a well-made, well-acted, well-directed movie.

†††††††† A well-made movie has several functions. One of these is that it appeals to the audience. The plot of the movie must be one that captivates or motivates the audience. Another function is to entertain. People want to be entertained. They want to feel that they are in the movie and forget their own lives for a few hours. A movie can have several functions, depending on the desire of the director and what he or she wants to portray in the film.

†††††††† To fulfill these functions, a movie must possess certain qualities. First of all, a film has to have a story line to which viewers can relate. It also needs good actors who fit the physical description of the characters and can accurately portray their respective roles. A movie also needs a good director. This is one of the key elements to help a movie fulfill its function. A good director will guide the actors and make sure the sets and music all fit together to produce the most beneficial scenes. This also brings us to the last two aspects that a good movie must have: appropriate music and sets. These two elements can make or break a film.

†††††††† With these qualities, a film should be able to fulfill all of its functions and successfully entertain, motivate, and inspire. One film that successfully does all of these is Elia Kazan's A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).

†††††††† This film not only entertains but also motivates as well, well enough for several of the actors to get Oscars for best performance. This film not only has a very talented director but also is adapted from a well-written, controversial, compelling 1947 play by Tennessee Williams. The best part about the movie, however, is the actors themselves. They are very appealing and have made the film highly successful.

†††††††† The emotions in the movie keep the audience on a roller coaster. From the drama between Blanche Dubois (Vivien Leigh), Stella (Kim Hunter), and Stanley (Marlon Brando) to the comic relief of Stanley and his poker buddies, the audience is never at a loss for entertainment.

†††††††† This film not only fulfills the functions of a movie; it also does it with flare. Kazan's Streetcar is one of the best cinematic adaptations that has been made to date.

Brittany Binkley

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