Hollywoodís First Heroes

†††††††† Superheroes have dazzled the masses for years. Comic books began with the heroic deeds of Superman and have progressed into a complete world of their own. The stories of the various superheroes used to be exclusive to those who read the comics, yet this all changed with the movie world. A Superman movie was made in the late seventies, and two more were produced in the eighties. However, the first superhero movie to really bring the comic books to life was Tim Burtonís Batman (1989).

†††††††† While the world of television had given the world a vision of the Batman comic series, it was nothing near that darkness that the comic books implied. Batman was the dark knight, avenger of crime in the dark city of Gothamís urban streets. The movie was the first to bring this to life. It told the story of Bruce Wayne, a man who has vowed to put a stop to crime in order to avenge the death of his own parents. He takes on the visage of a bat and takes justice into his own hands. However, when Jack Nicholson becomes The Joker, he has a lot more on his plate than the normal street muggers he usually deals with. The movie shows Batman (Michael Keaton) when he is not the superhero of Gotham. It is when he has just started off, and most of the public is actually afraid of the masked avenger. However, when he defeats and rids Gotham of The Jokerís deadly comedy act, they begin to realize that he is there for their own protection.

†††††††† Done in the dark style of Tim Burton, which allowed the true essence of the Batman series to shine forth, Batman was one of the first superhero movies to be made and is a cult favorite among the genre. It and others spawned a new generation of movies based on these men in tights out to save the world. Soon after Hollywood figured out that this was a moneymaking business, Batman and other superheroes have graced the screens with their action-packed imagery.

Lorrie Veach

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