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The Film Studies Minor at Murray State University is an interdisciplinary program that complements many majors and provides opportunities for students to examine film as an art form, as an industry, and as a communication medium. Courses in the minor emphasize the history, theory, and practice of film in the larger context of liberal arts studies and thus enhance students’ understanding of this important medium and its influences across the disciplines. In consultation with faculty, staff, and advisors, students may select elective courses within the Film Studies Minor relevant to their academic and career objectives.

Catalog Descriptions of Courses

Film Studies Minor (21 Hours)

Both of the following two:
ENG 313 History of the Cinema (3 Hours)
ENG 314 Shakespeare in Film (3 Hours)

One of the following five:
ENG 315 Global Cinema (3 Hours)
ENG 352 Film Genres (3 Hours)
ENG 419 European Cinema (3 Hours)
FRE 419 European Cinema (3 Hours)
GER 419 European Cinema (3 Hours)
SPA 419 European Cinema (3 Hours)

One or two of the following:
ART 382 Introduction to Photography I (3 Hours)
ART 383 Photography II (3 Hours)
ART 384 Photography III (3 Hours)
ART 385 Introduction to Cinematography (3 Hours)
JMC 270 Basic Audio/Video Productions (3 Hours)
JMC 336 Script Writing (3 Hours)
ENG 343 Special Topics in Creative Writing (3 Hours)
ENG 460 Comedy and Satire (3 Hours)

Two or three of the following:
ART 490 Special Problems in Studio Art (3 Hours)
ENG 213 The Film and Literature (3 Hours)
ENG 351 Special Topics in Film Studies (3 Hours)
ENG 417 Film in the Classroom (3 Hours)
HIS 477 Hollywood History (3 Hours)
JMC 358 Television Studio Production (3 Hours)
MUS 106 Music in Film (3 Hours)
MUS 313 Introduction to Music Synthesis (1 Hour)
The current course is worth only one credit and should be taken by Film Studies Minors 3 times to fulfill a 3-hour requirement.

May only include one of the following:
ENG 341 Introduction to Writing Fiction (3 Hours)
ENG 342 Introduction to Writing Poetry (3 Hours)
ENG 351 Special Topics in Film Studies (3 Hours)
ENG 415 Writer’s Workshop: Short Story (3 Hours)
ENG 416 Writer’s Workshop: Poetry (3 Hours)

Students may select an optional course substitution, such as the one cited below, with the permission of the Coordinator of the Film Studies Minor and the instructor.
CSC 275 Graphical Rendering (3 Hours)
At least six hours must be upper-level courses completed in residence at Murray State University.

Students must remember that courses taken for their majors cannot count toward their minor.

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