Film Analysis Guidelines

1. Intentions of the film makers--comment on what they are and if they are carried out successfully.

2. Tone--comment on appropriateness and effectiveness, whether comic, satiric, sad, etc.

3. Script--comment on dialogue, believability, effectiveness.

4. Actors

    a. Casting--comment on appropriateness of choice of actors

    b. Acting--comment on as many actors as possible, showing whether they enjoy playing the role, have effective
        reactions, and dominate the role or let the role dominate them.

5. Costumes--comment on appropriateness and attractiveness.

6. Art Direction (Settings)--comment on the appropriateness and esthetic value.

    a. Indoor--comment on whether the settings are realistic, stylized, used effectively or not.

    b. Outdoor--comment if the settings are contrived in the studio, combined with transparent matte shots, front or
         rear projection, simulated in some other matter, or perfectly natural. Also comment if the settings are used
         effectively or not.

7. Cinematography--comment on whether it is unobtrusive and natural or arty, pretty or harsh and grainy.
    Comment if the cinematographer frames and composes his shots effectively. Also comment if he employs deep
    or shallow focus, a static or a fluid camera, close-ups, medium and long shots. Comment on the overall

8. Editing--comment on its pacing and effectiveness, especially if the scenes seem the right length. Also comment
    on use of montage and long takes, if any, and if they are employed effectively.

9. Directing--comment on pacing, handling of actors, overall effectiveness.

10. Music score--comment on whether it is mainly background or an integral part of the film, like music from a
      dance band in the story. Comment on the effectiveness of the music, whether it is well-written, enhances the
      script, or is overdone, too harsh, or too lush.

11. Miscellaneous--comment on anything else you have noticed in the film, such as special effects, if any.

12. Overall Evaluation--comment on the total effectiveness of the film, how much of it you liked, how much you did
      not like, and if you would like to see it again.


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