An Excellent Job by Marlon Brando

        In 1947 Tennessee Williams published the play A Streetcar Named Desire. The story begins with Blanche arriving at Stella’s house, who is her younger sister, in the slums in New Orleans. Blanche does not understand why her sister, who is pregnant, has picked up such a husband, whose name is Stanley. He has really bad manners like drinking and playing poker with his buddies all the time. Moreover, he slaps his wife and rapes Blanche. In the 1951 adaptation, which has the same title as the play, Stanley is perfectly portrayed by Marlon Brando. The director, who is Elia Kazan, made definitely an excellent choice.

        I believe that it must have been pretty hard to find an actor who plays an alcoholic, an abuser and someone who is also very likeable at the same time in on film. Elia Kazan cast Marlon Brando to play the part of Stanley Kowalski. Brando's 1951 on-screen portrayal of Stanley made him a cultural icon. He is the perfect embodiment of this character Stanley. He successfully transformed himself into this role. Stanley, who is descended from Polish immigrants, is loyal to his friends, passionate to his wife, and heartlessly cruel to Blanche. Brando, who was a lonely son of alcoholic parents, had the skills to fulfill all these requirements. I could feel the passion and the cruelty. Before I watched the movie, I had read the book and all these images I had in my mind about Stanley have been realized by Brando’s performance. This might be one of the reasons that this movie is a milestone in the history of cinema.

        Thus, A Streetcar Named Desire is my favorite movie in this class because of Marlon Brando’s superb portrayal of Stanley Kowalski. The only injustice is that Brando did not receive an Oscar for this performance.

Sebastian Mildner